Q.1. What is the MINIMUM construction size/price ?
R.1. 1700 square feet (above grade) OR $150 000

Q.2. Is there a time frame during which a purchaser is obligated to build ?
R.2. No

Q.3. Are there ANY other costs associated with the Forest Reserve - Jointly owned by all owners ?
R.3. No.

Q.4. What are the additional costs after purchase of a lot ?
R.4. Annual taxes of approximately $450.00 and $500.00 for road and bridge maintenance.

Q.5. Are motor boats allowed on Lac Lesage ?
R.5. Yes.

Q.6. Are there naturel beaches on this project ?
R.6. Yes, but only on some of the lots.

Q.7. What services are available ?
R.7. Quebec Hydro, Bell Canada (telephone) and full snow removal.

Q.8. Is financing available for my lot purchase ?
R.8. Yes, Several purchases have been financed through
Caisse Populaire - Labelle, P.Q.